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Brad Katona details why he is the biggest challenge for Gamzat Magomedov

LockerRoom Team
18 October 2022

Brad Katona, the BRAVE CF Bantamweight Champion, is putting everything on the line for his title bout against Bahraini Gamzat Magomedov at BRAVE CF 63.

After defeating Magomedov's colleague Hamza Kooheji at BRAVE CF 57, Katona will defend his title for the first time this Wednesday, October 19, in leg one of the legendary Kombat Kingdom series, and he is prepared to once more risk all. The facts speak for themselves when it comes to "Superman."

‘’It’s not trash talk, it’s the truth. Is Gamzat the best fighter I’ve ever fought? We’ll see. I’ve beaten some pretty good guys, from Bryce Mitchell to Borislav Nikolic and Hamza Kooheji. Am I the best fighter he’s ever fought? Absolutely’’, said Katona, who is going all-in on himself on Wednesday’s showdown.

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“I may not be a betting man in the traditional sense, but I bet on myself every time I enter the cage for a fight. I am all-in on me. I am pushing all my chips to the table,” says the Canadian who encourages those who have a taste for gambling to do the same. “If I am a betting man, how do I bet? Well, me. Nothing’s new here. I am always all-in. “And if anybody should bet on this fight, they should bet on me. ‘Why?’ Well, just look at my record.”

Katona is an undefeated fighter at BRAVE Combat Federation and has a very good fight IQ. Following victories over Borislav Nikoli, Bair Shtepin, and Kooheji, the SBG Ireland representative is in first place in the BRAVE Combat Federation Bantamweight class, heading a string of victorious competitors. When looking back on his journey thus far, Katona is proud of his accomplishments because he was able to carry out his plans in BRAVE CF, but the champion is far from relaxed.

“Looking back on the past year-and-a-half, pretty much my whole BRAVE CF journey, I feel quite proud because I did what I set out to do. I said I am going to fight the toughest guys and eventually claim the Bantamweight title. I have done that and I am going to continue doing that. It’s been quite the journey, and there is no slowing down here.” He added.

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