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Azat Maksum: What you need to know about the Kazakh UFC star

LockerRoom Team
13 July 2023

Azat Maksum, hailing from Almaty, Kazakhstan, has quickly risen through the ranks of the flyweight division with an impeccable record of 16-0. At the age of 28, this talented fighter showcased his skills in both striking and grappling, making him a formidable force in the octagon.

Maksum, standing at 5 ft 7 with a reach of 68 inches, possesses a unique fighting style as a southpaw. Trained under the guidance of Danesh Dungenbaev at Triumph Fights, he combines his solid wrestling background with devastating knockout power to dominate his opponents.

With a strong foundation in freestyle wrestling, Maksum's journey into mixed martial arts began during his university years. He quickly made a name for himself in the amateurs, setting his sights on a specific goal – to claim a title belt. In 2018, he achieved that goal by becoming the OCTAGON LEAGUE flyweight champion.

Entry into the UFC Flyweight division

Now, Maksum embarks on a new chapter in his career as he makes his highly-anticipated debut in the UFC. Representing his home country of Kazakhstan on the world stage of mixed martial arts is an honor that he carries with great pride. Maksum understands the responsibility of raising his nation's flag and aims to make a lasting impression in the UFC flyweight division.

As he steps into the octagon for his first UFC bout, Maksum faces the experienced and dangerous Tyson Nam. Recognizing Nam's striking prowess and impressive track record, Maksum respects his opponent's abilities and remains focused on the task at hand.

Outside of the cage, Maksum holds a bachelor's degree in Forestry from the Agricultural University. Before embarking on his fighting career, he worked in the confectionery industry, displaying his versatility and determination to succeed in various fields.

In amateur competition, Maksum has showcased his grappling skills, earning a Jiu-Jitsu master degree candidate and a Zhekpe-Zhek master degree. These accomplishments demonstrate his dedication to continuously improving his skills and knowledge in the world of martial arts.

The origin of Maksum's nickname, "Qazaq," is deeply rooted in his ethnic history and nationality as a proud Kazakh. It serves as a symbol of his identity and heritage, representing his strong connection to his homeland.

As Azat Maksum steps into the UFC, fans eagerly await his electrifying performances in the flyweight division. With his unbeaten record, knockout power, and wrestling prowess, Maksum has the potential to become a force to be reckoned with. His determination, skill, and the support of his nation fuel his ambition to become a UFC champion.


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