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Aung La N Sang talks about how he wants to retire from MMA

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Calendar Icon16 January 2023

Aung La N Sang is hands down one of the biggest MMA stars on the ONE Championship roster. The Burmese Python is a former two-division champion and is on a two-fight winning streak in the promotion right now.

He has made it clear that he wants to win back the ONE Middleweight title and adds that he still has one more run in him. The one more run mention, however, has people wondering when Aung La is planning to retire.

This question was posed to Aung La during the ONE Fight Night 6 Post-fight Interview.

“I want to be carried away in my shield. it is when the time is up the time is up you know it's not really up to us. But I want to keep you know putting on shows to the fan and keep progressing as a mixed martial artist,”

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‘You know like when you stop growing when you stop evolving it's when the world passed by you so I really feel like I can you know I still got what it takes.  I still got what it takes I'm and and when I do go, I want to be it to be on my terms you know. I'll make sure I do everything right and you know it's not it's like it doesn't really depend on me, it's in God's hand I can't tell you when I'm gonna go and how I'm gonna go but whenever I step in I'm willing to die,” Aung La said in the interview.

When asked about the possibility of being a commentator after his retirement, Aung La said that it is really up to the organisation.

“Really up to, it's really up to the promotion you know. I mean I might be well-spoken now but if I can't come up with you know nice catchphrases like I don't know good Night Irene or something like that I don't know it's really up to them,” Aung La added.

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