Aung La N Sang reveals his biggest achievement till date and his biggest goal

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16 January 2023

Aung La N Sang secured yet another impressive victory this past weekend at ONE Fight Night 6. The Burmese Python got the better of Gilberto Galvao at the event and secured a first-round stoppage win.

This was interestingly, the second straight first round victory for Aung La. The former two-division King had stopped Japanese MMA icon Yushin Okami in his last fight and will be looking to continue his momentum in the next fight.

After his impressive win at ONE Fight Night 6, Aung La sat down with the reporters for his post-fight interview. During the interview, he was asked about the biggest achievement of his career till date.

Aung La noted that coming from a small village in Myanmar and winning the World Title is indeed his biggest achievement.

“I'm not sure I would say, Winning a world title for somebody, that's on you know Myanmar from a small village from Myanmar. I think that would equate to the biggest achievement. I'm not super talented I'm not physically like gifted you know I don't have I mean, if you look at my attributes it's like I have a hard head you know a hard hand but I'm not like I'm not super athlete,”

“I'm not super long you know but I work and I grind and and I work hard. I try to make up for those with my you know with hard work and just putting my head down and working. I guess the biggest achievement would be for somebody from a small village in Myanmar to be able to capture a world title and a big organization like ONE Championship,” Aung La said.

The Biggest Goal of Aung La N Sang

Speaking further, Aung La also revealed his biggest goal. The Burmese Python said that he now has the conquering mindset and getting the title back is what he has planned for.

“I guess winning my world title back you know. It's one of those things you know it's like when you're defending it's a different mindset when you're conquering it's a different mindset. I feel like I'm in that conquering mindset right now,”

“I want to conquer back my world title I think that that's going to be you know the big achievement because it's usually it's the person on top usually falls and it's usually hard for them to climb back up you know. I want to be able to climb back up whatever it takes awesome and the last one for me.”

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