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GAMMA India announces medical suspensions after Warrior’s Dream Series 4

LockerRoom Team
30 March 2023

GAMMA India has announced medical suspensions for fighters after Warrior’s Dream Series 4. The event, which happened on 25 and 26 March 2023 in Navi Mumbai, saw more than 100 fights across two days.

Five tournament winners were crowned at the event which also featured multiple professional MMA bouts. The details about the suspensions were shared by GAMMA India on their social media pages. You can see the statement from GAMMA India below.

“After close to over 120 bouts over 2 days at Warriors Dream Series 4, the following athletes were handed out medical suspensions in line with GAMMA India rules and regulations (in conjunction with the cage side doctor)

Medical suspensions after Warrior’s Dream Series 4

  • Vishal Kalskar- 30 Days
  • Ommama Khan- 30 Days
  • Sahil Kadam- 30 Days
  • Jayesh Pandey- 30 Days
  • Mahesh Lad- 30 Days
  • Arya Sonawane- 30 Days
  • Karan Chauhan- 60 Days
  • Ajay Kant Payal- 90 Days

The above-mentioned athletes were also given a protocol to follow for a safe return to training and competition eventually.”

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The team has also posted the criteria with which the protocol is designed. You can read the same below.

"The goal of this protocol is a safe return to Combat Sports training & eventually competitions without risking exacerbating symptoms.


Concussions occur following a trauma to the brain that leads to an alteration of regular brain function. The brain can take up to 30 days to resume regular brain function. Additional trauma to the brain while it is in an impaired state may lead to significantly worsening symptoms that can linger.


The protocol is divided into 3 Phases which are further divided into 3 Steps at each Phase. A fighter should start Phase 1 a week from the initial concussion. A fighter can progress to the next step after 24 hours if there are no concussion symptoms. If symptoms increase then the fighter must regress one step. A fighter should not progress to Phase 3 if there are lingering concussion symptoms.

Fighters should get cleared by a medical professional trained in concussion management before returning to training/competition."

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