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Aspen Ladd wants showdown with Kayla Harrison

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Calendar Icon07 April 2023

Aspen Ladd is interested in a showdown with Kayla Harrison despite the absence of Harrison in the 2023 PFL Season.

When Ladd left the UFC and joined the PFL last year, her name was associated with two-time PFL lightweight champion Harrison, but it doesn't seem like she will face her this year.

Although Harrison was sorry to miss the season, she believes the PFL has other plans for her.

“So, the fight with Kayla has come up several times and I love the fight, I’ll take it if they give it to me. But I was not expecting her to be in the season, and that was something that had been discussed previously just based off on she’s at in her career and what she’s done so far,” Aspen Ladd told the media (h/t MMA Fighting).

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Aspen Ladd will be locking horns with Olena Kolesnyk in her season opener of the new season.

“I think she’s a heavy-handed southpaw striker and she’s interesting. I had this weird inkling it was going to be her honestly because obviously I knew I was fighting at a certain date, at a certain place for quite a long time, but we didn’t know who the particular matchup was going to be. There’s just something in the back of my mind, that’s like ‘Eh, I bet it’s her,’ and we got the call and I wasn’t shocked. So we became aware of her tendencies, worked that into what we’re doing training wise, and just got ready,” Ladd added.

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What do you think of the showdown between Aspen Ladd and Kayla Harrison? Let us know in the comments below.


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