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Road to UFC changed my life, says Indian MMA star Anshul Jubli

LockerRoom Team
14 August 2023

Indian MMA star Anshul Jubli has revealed how Road to UFC changed his life.

For Anshul Jubli, the path to his UFC aspirations took a transformative turn with the "Road to UFC" tournament. As he stands on the brink of his UFC debut, Jubli reflects on how this journey has irrevocably altered the course of his life and career.

Anshul Jubli's sentiments are encapsulated by a profound truth - every MMA fighter aspires to grace the Octagon of the UFC. However, what sets the "Road to UFC" apart is its ability to shape fighters and foster their evolution before they step onto the grand stage. Jubli ardently believes that this tournament provides a unique advantage. He notes that this path, laden with competitive challenges and opportunities, engenders a certain momentum and fervor that eventually translate into an intensified UFC debut.

"Road to UFC has changed my life. Every MMA fighter dreams to be in the UFC - going into the UFC through a tournament like this is better than going directly to the UFC: you get the hype behind you before your UFC debut. You get recognized in the MMA world, and especially in your own country. This is what happened to me. I have millions of blessings from my countrymen, and in my debut, I am going to fight for all of them,” he said in a recent statement made to the UFC

Transitioning from obscurity to recognition, Anshul Jubli acknowledges that the "Road to UFC" serves as a catalyst for visibility and validation within the MMA world. For a fighter, recognition resonates not only in the global arena but also within their own country.

As he prepares for his UFC debut, Anshul Jubli carries the weight of the expectations and aspirations of a nation upon his shoulders. The realization of millions of dreams and the collective energy of his countrymen are intertwined with his journey. It's a profound responsibility that fuels his determination and dedication to leave an indelible mark within the Octagon.

Predictions for Road to UFC 2

Along with noting how important the Road to UFC platform is, Anshul also gave his predictions for the second season which is set to resume in Singapore.

"I believe Rongzhu and Haraguchi will win in the semifinals. When they meet the finals, I believe Rongzhu will win this tournament,” Anshul predicted.

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