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Dr. Divya Nitin Singh writes about being selected as the Team India Physio

28 December 2021

Team India is all set to make a mark at the IMMAF World Championship which is scheduled to happen in Abu Dhabi.

It’s a dream come true for me! Rather it was what dreamt of by my dad for me. And I know that if he would be here with me, he would be doing what he loves most! Calling all my relatives and telling them to see my daughter is going with team India as Indian Team Doctor! I lost my Dad in 2020. It was a shock for me coz in this whole world Father is the biggest support for their daughters. I kept on working hard in my career just to see that pride on my dad’s face. And today when I’m actually achieving something he is not beside me rather watching me from there! Life for Physios especially women is never easy. I never charged a single penny from my MMA fighter who came for therapy. I believed that God has blessed me with a skill that I can help someone come out of their pains and injuries and can come back in action. I was working with MMA since 2016 and it’s now finally in 2021 when my hard work and talent is getting the recognition I deserve.

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After my dad, my husband is that strong pillar who is always motivating me. He truly believed in me and never let me give up on anything. I’m really blessed for the support and love I have from my family and extended MMA India family. The bond of trust is going stronger and I truly thank God for this. Getting selected as Team India Physio for World championship 2021 is a milestone achieved for me. I’m thankful to board members for the belief they have in my work and the support that is shared with me. Today I miss my papa, coz I wanted to see that pride and happiness on his face when he got to know that I’m being selected as Team doctor for the MMA India team going to UAE! But I’m sure wherever he is, he will be enjoying the matches with popcorns and there also he might be happily boasting and saying “see she’s my daughter as team Doctor”. My dad always use to say this “My girl you are a blessed child, as you will have love flowing like a river from everywhere”. I sometimes believe he was right. I’m blessed to have a loving family and extended family who keep on guiding and supporting me, who always believe in me and keep motivating me. It’s not always money it’s about the peace and happiness I get when I treat my fighters for the pain they have during training sessions or of any injury in events.I guide them to maximize their performance in the cage. All this is for that peace that I get when I go to sleep. I just don’t wanna leave this world unrecognized, I always want myself to be remembered for my work.

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I pray to God to keep blessing me, my family, my extended family, and my fighters and set a good example for society. As I believe in paying back to the universe in return for what u get from the universe. With my knowledge and skills, I wanna thank my people and wanna make their lives pain-free and want them to be on their knees asap after any kind of injuries or surgeries. May God always keep on blessing me Love and support from all. Lots of love Divs.

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Proud of you Divs ,more Power and strength to you .??


Kudos ???????? Dr Divya Nitin Singh you are an asset to MMA India Federation we are proud of you for the work you are putting in towards the Federation. Having you with coming along with team India only gives more confidence to the Athlete mind set know if they have a sort of injury you are there to assist. Keep the good work up and God bless cheers Regards, Kevin Alfred David Vice President MMA India IMMAF Referee Judge IMMAF Anti-doping representative for MMA India

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