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Rahul Raju has his eyes set on ONE Championship Gold and a fight with Amir Khan

LockerRoom Team
05 May 2020

Rahul Raju has his eyes set on the ONE Championship title. And he feels that he can only get there by taking out top contenders in the division: Amir Khan.

Earlier, Rahul’s coach at Juggernaut Fight Club, Arvind Lalwani had expressed his interest in seeing Rahul fight Amir Khan and this was met with a positive response by Amir Khan as well. Now, in an interview with ONE championship, Rahul has noted that his ultimate goal is to capture the ONE championship title.

“Honestly, it’s time for me to prove I am ready to hold the World Title. I need a solid performance against another top contender. My team and I, we’ve been looking closely at Amir Khan. I think that would be a perfect match-up,” Rahul noted.

The Kerala Krusher is currently sitting on a two-fight winning streak with his last win coming against Furqan Cheema. Rahul hopes that he can fight Amir Khan in Singapore and believes that it will be a treat for the fans.

“It will be a complete honour to face him, and a real treat for the Singaporean fans. I believe this fight can happen on the Singapore card in July,” he added.

The Indian MMA star also went into the technical aspect of the potential fight and promised a three-round war.

“I definitely have the upper hand on the ground and, if it comes to striking, I believe I can bring him into my style of fighting. That will be my edge rather than playing into the Muay Thai-style standing exchanges that he favours. If the time does come for the lightweight warriors to square off in the Circle, the Kerala native can only guarantee one thing, and that is a thrilling battle between two of the division’s most exciting athletes. I will make it as exciting as I can. I will mix it up. I want to strike with him and grapple with him. Get ready for a three-round war,” he concluded.

Who do you think will get the win when these two fights? Let us know in the comments of the post.


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