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Puja Tomar, Himanshu Kaushik and Roshan Mainam talks about Mental Health

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Calendar Icon22 June 2020

India was recently shocked by the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The incident has once again put the importance of mental health into the spotlight.

ONE Championship recently reached out to the Indian MMA stars Puja Tomar, Himanshu Kaushik and Roshan Mainam to get their take on the whole thing and all three fighters had one thing or the other to share.

"There is probably no one sure way to correct mental health. In such a situation, you may need to pay attention to many things. Have a good sleep, eat nutritious food and do not hesitate to go to a psychiatrist if needed, try to stay in touch with your friends, family, do yoga with exercise and meditate. These can be of great benefit,” Puja Tomar noted.

The former Wushu Champion also noted that fluctuations are natural in every human life.

“Every human’s life fluctuates. We should not give up under any circumstances and should constantly strive to move forward. Things will definitely be better if not today, she added.

Himanshu Kaushik, meanwhile, stressed the importance of properly categorizing mental illness and how it should be taken seriously.

“Mental illness is not seen as a disease in our country. Now the time has come that mental illness should be taken seriously and it should be treated properly and fully by doctors. Avoid alcohol and any form of smoking, reduce anxiety and concentrate on activities that you enjoy,” he said.

Roshan Mainam noted that everyone needs a good support system and shared an experience of his own about coming out from hard times.

“An empty mind is the house of the devil. I too faced a lot of difficulties from a young age. I was a weak child. People used to make fun of me and would not even let them play with their children. They used to look at me and say that you seem to be suffering from polio. I had strengthened myself since then that I have no choice but to make myself strong. I kept negative things away from myself through studies, work and training. This thing made me stronger. I overcome my weaknesses. I keep reminding myself where I have come from, how my journey has been so far and where I have to go,” the Indian MMA star noted.

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