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Boxing Legend Mike Tyson calls Russia – Ukraine conflict a War of Humanity

LockerRoom Team
28 March 2022

Boxing Legend Mike Tyson has given his take on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Speaking to Fox Business recently, Mike Tyson tagged the ongoing issue between the two countries as a ‘War of Humanity’.

“Well, listen the history of Ukraine tells they are tough people, who they have been dealing with since the beginning of the time, the Russians. Who they have been fighting? The Russians. This is just, it became a business war at first because the Russians financed Ukraine. But since so many people got involved, this became a war of humanity,” he said during the interview.

The conflict had evoked responses from a long list of names from the sporting world with Manny Pacquiao recently calling out Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the invasion.

Sporting sanctions have been placed on Russia as well by the international federations although some Russian Federations came in support of Russia’s actions claiming that the invasion was a ‘special military operation’.

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Internationally considered a war of aggression, the invasion is the largest conventional military attack on a European state since World War II. More than 10 million people have been displaced due to the war with the death count passing thousands.

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