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Every time Lito Adiwang Loses, they have an excuse: Jarred Brooks blasts Sangiao

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Calendar Icon23 December 2021

Jarred Brooks has already made his mark on the ONE Championship stage. The former UFC fighter made his promotional debut recently at ONE Championship and went home with a huge win over Team Lakay’s Lito Adiwang.

After the fight, one of the interviews that Team Lakay Head Coach Mark Sangiao gave has not sat well with Brooks. During one of his interviews with the Filipino Media, Sangiao said that Brooks probably made one of the kicks look like an illegal shot.

Speaking to ONE Championship, Brooks reacted to this statement from Sangiao and said that people always have an excuse when Lito Adiwang suffers a defeat.

“Well, I mean, that's been said the whole time, right? He's been saying that, every Filipino fan is going and saying that too. Nothing against Team Lakay, okay, but it seems like every time Lito loses, they have an excuse. Like the last time with [Hiroba] Minowa, I don't think Minowa necessarily tapped. It didn't look like he tapped. Mark [Sangiao] is a great coach but just stick to coaching,” he told ONE Championship. (h/t Sportskeeda).

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He further went on to explain the situation and stated that it was a clear-cut groin shot.

“So, I don't want to come out in the open and say that I'm dominating somebody, but yeah, I was dominating him the whole time. I had him in a front headlock, and you can hear the cup. So I'm like, ‘What are they talking about here?’ You see my face after too. Yeah, he kicked me in the leg with a shin, but he kneed me in the groin,” Brooks added.

Brooks concluded by saying that he did what he had to do and dominated Adiwang.

“I dominated your boy, and I think you're just mad about it. You want to make every excuse in the book why it happened, like why it didn't go your way. I mean, if it happened to me, I would have still been in good graces. I would have still been like, ‘Lito, you did a good job. You went out and did your job,” he concluded.

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