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Indian Boxer Kamal Kant dreams to make his mark in the world boxing circuit

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Calendar Icon25 July 2020

Kamal Kant is an upcoming name in the Indian professional boxing circuit. With two wins and four fights in his resume in just one-year, Kamal is looking ahead to bigger things in the coming years. Here is his story.  

Born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Kamal Kant was someone that had a keen eye for sports from his childhood itself. He loved to play outdoor games and tried his hands in cricket and judo as a kid. However, in 2008, he decided to shift his focus to boxing after being inspired by his father who was a National level gold winner.

Although his decision to pursue boxing was initially a shock to his family, he soon got their support and joined Boxing Sports Academy in Gurgaon and trained under the supervision of Arjuna Awardee Raj Kumar Sangwan.

Professional Debut

One thing led to another and in 2019, Kamal Kant was presented with an opportunity to step into the boxing ring for his professional boxing debut against veteran Siddharth Varma. Siddharth was 4-3-1 at that time and although it was a huge risk for him to step into the ring against a veteran, Kamal wanted to test his skills and took up the challenge.

The fight was later ruled a no-contest but it did give Kamal the experience and confidence that he needed to take his career forward.

Association with Marine Pro Boxing Promotions

Kamal Kant was introduced to Marine Pro Boxing Promotions and promoter Devraj Das by his friend Suresh Kumar who invited Kamal to an event organized by the team. This small invite turned out to be a career-changing point for Kamal Kant who had all his four fights under the Marine Pro Boxing banner.

After his fight against Siddharth, Kamal went on to secure two wins against Rahul. He credits these wins to the experience that he got from his fight with Siddharth.

Kamal Kant: My first fight with Rahul Khochar was pretty intense since he looked a heavy guy before I fought him in the ring. My wins post my 1st fight came due to the confidence which I gained after fighting Siddharth Varma. When you come from a six-round draw fighting a national champion, it gives you different morale of confidence which you may not gain in even after 3 fights.

After winning his second fight with Rahul, Kamal fought to a draw against Karan in March 2020 as well. 

Dreams of securing the title

Inspired by the likes of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, in the long run, Kamal Kant hopes to make a name for himself on a global scale. He is motivated by the support he gets from his family, friends and his promoters and at the same time, he understands that it is a step-by-step process which requires him to establish himself at the regional stage first.

Kamal Kant: My initial step is to make my name in the world of professional boxing, probably in the coming time, would love to face a known boxing name from Asia which could be a nice challenging fight for me where I can put myself to test. Also fighting for a WBO Regional Title is on the cards next year which I will share soon before the end of 2020.


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