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Hasbulla can be a billionaire: Khabib gives his take on Hasbulla vs. Abdu Rozik

LockerRoom Team
14 December 2021

Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik are two names that have taken the internet by storm. Both the internet stars have managed to create a huge fan following for them over the past couple of years and there is also talk of a potential fight between the two.

Former UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, however, feels that Hasbulla and Abdu should not fight.

“Honestly, I don’t want to make this fight (with Abdu Rozik). I don’t support this idea. I don’t think this is a good idea. They’re both big names, they can create some good things if they become friends. If I had a choice, I’m going to make them friends. Maybe do some good charity things [together], they can become ambassadors for charity funds… but I don’t want to see this fight. We have enough fighting around the world. Peace is better than war,” he noted [h/t RT Sport].

Khabib further went on to add that Hasbulla could become a billionaire if he decides to move to the United States and also threw out the possibility of Hasbulla appearing in WWE.

“He has to go the US, all the big sports stars know him there, he’s very popular. He has to move for a couple of years to the US and become maybe a billionaire. Minimum he can become a millionaire. The WWE, wrestling, also wants him to come to them somehow. They want to pay him some big money to get him into the ring. He’s immensely popular abroad,” Khabib added.

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