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GAMMA India announces two-layered structure to select the Indian Team

LockerRoom Team
01 February 2020

GAMMA India has announced a two-layered competition structure to select Team India for the upcoming GAMMA World Championships.

The organisation, which revealed their calendar for 2020 through their social media channels last week, put forward the concept of Zonal Championships which will serve as an eligibility criterion for National Championships.

You can see the calendar below:

GAMMA India official Jitendra Khare noted that the structure was selected to make sure that the athletes get enough experience and competition before going to the big stage.

Here is what he had to say about the structure:

Jitendra Khare: Technically, how things have been working is this open national thing. Even if people do state championship, it does not mean anything because it might not be the state winners that go to national. That's now how MMA has been working.

Now, because of this, if I win one tournament, I’m representing team India and all I must have fought is like three fights.

Now, with the Zonal structure, what is going to happen is, if I win zonal level then I will get selected to go for the nationals. Now, we are creating a level of competition there that only the top two zonals, top two or four, depending on weight categories can progress to nationals. So it's not an open national, so what happens is that we are creating competition at zonal levels and again at national. So anyone who is fighting for team India has gone through two tournaments and so it itself creates more competition. Creates more experience for the guys that are representing India.

GAMMA India is planning to have four Zonal Championships from May 2020 to August 2020 with the National Championship happening in September 2020. The dates of the same are set to be finalized after selecting the Zonal heads in the coming months. There will also be a Fight Camp for the National team prior to the World Championships and after the Nationals.

Team India had secured seven medals at the inaugural GAMMA World Championship in 2019 and will be looking to build on this momentum as they are preparing to compete at the 2020 GAMMA World Championships.

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