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LISTEN: Indian MMA Origin Stories Ep 2: Crosstrain Fight Club ft Siddharth Singh

LockerRoom Team
21 April 2021

In the second episode of Indian MMA Origin stories, we talk to Siddharth Singh who is the man behind Crosstrain Fight Club.

For the uninitiated, Indian MMA Origin Stories is an Interview series from LockerRoom India where we try to explore the origin stories of Indian MMA Fight Teams, Gyms, Promotions, and whatnot.

In this episode, Siddharth Singh opens up about how he was pushed into boxing from a young age itself, what triggered and gave him the Idea of Crosstrain Fight Club, a funny story involving Ben Henderson, initial steps he took for Crosstrain Fight Club, how brokers scammed him, his collaboration with fighters like Rajinder Singh Meena, Jason Ramesh Solomon and more, how he built the team and how names like Tarun Yadav, Rachit Tyagi and Anshul Jubli joined the team, the story of the first-ever BJJ seminar in Bhutan, funny story behind the name of Crosstrain Fight Club, future prospects that we should watch out for, his take on the belt system in MMA and much more. You can listen to the interview with the timecodes below.

Time Code for video:

  • 00:25: How he got pushed into Boxing
  • 02:00: Trigger and the huge job offer he had
  • 04:16: How Ben Henderson became a sign
  • 07:36: Initial steps for Crosstrain Fight Club
  • 09:20: Scam by brokers and the first warehouse
  • 10:18: First-year and collab with Indian MMA fighters
  • 13:37: Changing the approach and building his team
  • 15:36: The first class of Anshul Jubli at CFC
  • 18:13: What his happiest memory will be
  • 19:26: Story of the first-ever BJJ Seminar in Bhutan
  • 22:36: Funny story behind the name of Crosstrain Fight Club
  • 24:55: Biggest challenges and Franchising
  • 29:25: Future prospects to watch out for
  • 31:30: Belt System in MMA
  • 34:10: His take on MMA in India
  • 38:24: Closing thoughts

You can listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts,, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Breaker, Radio Public. Below is a link to the audible on Spotify.

Tune in for the third episode of Indian MMA Origin stories where we feature Jitesh Banjan who is the head coach of Indian Combat Sports Academy (ICSA).

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