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BRAVE CF Lightweight Champion Cleiton Silva fires back at Amin Ayoub

LockerRoom Team
24 June 2020

Cleiton "Predator" Silva is enjoying his stay at the top of BRAVE CF's Lightweight division and is intent on maintaining his position for years to come.

He also welcomes any challenges ahead of him, albeit with a warning - no one is getting close to his title. After Amin Ayoub recently revealed he's angling for a title fight and showed he uses a picture of Cleiton as motivation for his daily workouts, the champ himself declared Ayoub would never get close to winning BRAVE CF's Lightweight belt.

Silva was keen to stress that the latest call-out doesn't faze him at all, but also said he wouldn't allow anyone to simply call him out without any repercussions.

"It's easy to speak from afar. He can do that all he wants. I saw that he uses a picture of mine as motivation, and that's as close as he'll get to my title. I'm the BRAVE CF world champion and I'll remain at the top for a long time. Anyone can come and challenge me, but don't think you're coming out unscathed. No one is taking the belt off my waist. Less alone this Amin Ayoub person".

Cleiton has made waves since signing with BRAVE CF in 2018. He won his two first fights with the organization, finishing the tough Ahmed Amir at BRAVE CF 11, and then submitting Marcelo Bustos at BRAVE CF 15.

The two victories earned him a title shot against then-champion Luan Santiago. "Miau" and "Predator" developed one of the biggest rivalries in Brazilian MMA's recent history with Cleiton shocking the world by quickly submitting his arch-enemy in the main event of BRAVE CF 25. The champ was supposed to defend his title at BRAVE CF 35, before the coronavirus pandemic forced BRAVE Combat Federation to postpone the show.

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