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The first Indian-born UFC Fighter Bharat Kandare needs your help to get back into the UFC Cage

LockerRoom Team
29 February 2020

Back in November 2017, the Indian Mixed Martial Arts scene took a big leap when Bharat Kandare became the first India-born fighter to fight in the UFC. Although the fight did not go in favour of Bharat, it proved to be a huge moment for the sport in the country, to say the least.

Fast forward to 2020, things have not been going well for Bharat. He was suspended by USADA in 2018 after testing positive for a substance which got into his system as part of the injury medication given by a local doctor in India who was not aware of the banned substance list.

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This eventually resulted in a two-year suspension for Bharat who will only be eligible to step back into the UFC cage in November 2020. Although he hopes to make a mark when he is finally eligible to fight again, Bharat has been struggling with financial constraints to setup his fight camp.

Bharat was forced out of the small-government job that he had due to his fight career and he also had to leave a trainer job he had in Manipal when his father expired sometime back.

“My mother currently goes for work and family runs on that. I also teach a few students here in my hometown to earn something. But that gets over in my nutrition itself. I’m unable to find proper sparring partners to improve my ground skills although a former SFL striking coach has been helping me with the striking, “Bharat said in a statement to LockerRoom.

He also noted that he could get a fight in the UFC as soon as his suspension is over as there is a possibility of the promotion calling him up in between November and January.

“I think this might be the only shot I have in the UFC right now. I have no other option than to win and I want to fight fully prepared. I can fight at Featherweight, Bantamweight and Flyweight but then again, I want to make sure that I’m at my best and train properly,” he added.

But then again, Bharat is struggling to meet the ends to setup his fight camp for the return. This would be a perfect time for the Indian sporting community to come forward and help our Bharat so that he can wave the Indian flag high inside the UFC octagon. Below are some ways in which you can help out Bharat.

You can financially help Bharat by transferring money to his account directly even if it is a very small contribution. Bank Details and PhonePay Details of Bharat are as follows:

  • Account Number: 323902010132945
  • Bank Name: Union Bank of India
  • Account holder: Bharat Vijay Khandare
  • IFSC code: UBIN0532398


You can also help by spreading the word or helping to secure businesses or gyms that can sponsor for Bharat so that he can have a full-fledged fight camp ahead of his UFC return. Tagging higher authorities and influencers could also help as it could lead to someone stepping forward and helping the Indian MMA star. You can check out the Instagram post for the same by clicking here

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