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BRAVE CF 58: 5 Korean Fighters That You Should Watch Out for

LockerRoom Team
01 April 2022

BRAVE Combat Federation is debuting in South Korea this April 30th with Tae Kyun “Ares” Kim leading the nation’s top fighters as they get the opportunity to display their skills against some of the best fighters in the world on an international platform at the only truly global mixed martial arts promotion.

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BRAVE CF has released a poster with 6 confirmed South Korean fighters for their upcoming fight night in association with BEAST CF. The announcements thus far feature a large number of top-class athletes from Korea in addition to Tae Kyun Kim who has been a testament to the level of Korean fighters at BRAVE CF. Joining him are the South Korean Heavyweight legend Jun Soo Lim, former Road FC Champion La In Jae, undefeated Korean flyweight Chang Ho Lee, and Korea's representative female warrior Yerin Hong.

Jun Soo Lim

Jun Soo Lim (39) is a first-generation mixed martial artist and former AFC Heavyweight Champion. Lim was due to fight last in 2020, but was unable to compete due to the coronavirus and announced his retirement. He returned however in May of last year at The Beast Championship (TBC), the predecessor of BEAST CF, and received a tapout with a bulldog choke in the second round against Ik Tae Jin.

La In Jae

Former Road FC middleweight champion La In Jae (35, Daboncrew) was also announced as a participant of BRAVE CF 58. In 2019, he lost his title to Hae Jun Yang, however, redeemed himself in December of the same year when he defeated Eun Soo Lee. Jae later moved to TBC and has two consecutive victories in a confrontation with Hyun Min Kim. Jae is eager to showcase his skillset to the world through BRAVE CF 58.

Chang Ho Lee

Chang Ho Lee (27, Monster House) returns to mixed martial arts after a two-year break at BRAVE CF 58. Since his debut in 2017, he has secured a six-fight win streak maintaining his undefeated record. Lee came on the scene as an exceptional grappler with a high caliber ground game, earning the nickname 'Ant Hell.” In 2019, he made his way into the One Warrior Series and proved himself with a TKO win. Lee has great potential to make a name for himself at BRAVE Combat Federation, however, the prolonged period of inactivity is a disadvantage.

Yerin Hong

Yerin Hong (19, DK Jim) is the first female announced for BRAVE CF 58. Hong had her mixed martial arts debut in 2019 and has grown with formidable momentum. She is recognized enough to be in the top 5 of her local division ranking. Since 2020, Hong has been on a three-fight win streak up until February of last year, however in June of the same year, she lost in a local atom weight title fight against Bo Hyun Park. She is working towards redemption at BRAVE CF 58.

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BRAVE CF 58 will be held on Saturday April 30th in association with Beast CF. The event will begin at 5:00 PM Korean Standard Time (1:00 AM PST) at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon, South Korea.


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