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What girls grappling looks like: Crazy video from Sammy Jo Luxton gains attention

LockerRoom Team
03 June 2024

PFL fighter Sammy Jo Luxton has delighted fans with a humorous video showcasing the lighter side of grappling. The video, which has quickly gained attention online, features Luxton and a friend demonstrating a playful contrast between the common misconceptions and the reality of two girls grappling.

In the video, Luxton cleverly illustrates what people often imagine when two women engage in a grappling match versus what actually happens in a real training session. The exaggerated expectations are humorously debunked as the video shifts to the authentic, technique-driven grappling that serious athletes like Luxton practice.

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The playful nature of the video has resonated with fans, drawing widespread attention and praise for its comedic take on a common stereotype.


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