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Sammy Jo Luxton vs Elle Brooke? Fighters react to potential fight

LockerRoom Team
27 March 2024

Speculation arose among fans regarding a potential matchup between fighters Sammy Jo Luxton and Elle Brooke. As the buzz circulated, both athletes swiftly responded, offering contrasting reactions to the idea.

Sammy Jo Luxton addressed the possibility, affirming that a bout between her and Elle Brooke would not come to fruition. However, Luxton proposed an alternative, suggesting that teaming up with Brooke could form a formidable partnership. Luxton remarked, "Me and Elle will never fight, but me and her as a tag team would be a dangerous duo."

In contrast, Elle Brooke dismissed the notion of a fight between them, citing past experiences in sparring sessions. Brooks bluntly stated, "Nah she f**ed me up in sparring enough times for me to know that’s a bad idea @sammyjoluxton1."

The responses from Luxton and Brooke ndicate a mutual respect between the two fighters, with Luxton envisioning a collaborative effort rather than a competitive clash, while Brooke recalls their past encounters in training sessions.

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As fans continue to speculate, the reactions from Luxton and Brooke add intrigue to the potential dynamics between the two talented fighters, whether in collaboration or competition.


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