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Warrior’s Dream Series 4: What you need to know about the event

LockerRoom Team
26 February 2023

Warrior’s Dream Series is all set to make its return with Warrior’s Dream Series 4 on 25 March 2023 and 26 March 2023. The event, which will be held in Navi Mumbai, will feature 16 men tournaments across five weight classes.

The announcement of the tournaments was made by Warrior’s Dream Series’ Sanjivan Padwal in an exclusive interview with LockerRoom. It was noted that the winner of the tournament will earn a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 while the runner-up will be getting a cash prize of Rs. 5,000.

The Warrior’s Dream Series team will also be associating with GAMMA India for the event. The GAMMA India officials will be overlooking the officiating part of the event.

“The team led by Jitendra Khare, which is who is my coach as well as my mentor my brother and he just stepped up to take care of the official part which is very amazing very beautiful for me because I requested him. Every event we conduct only single fights but this time it's a tournament and you know how the tournament is you know there are a lot of decisions there are decisions to take and there are a lot of fights to take care of and the only professional I mean the serious professional team can handle it and I really wanted to give this to someone who has been handling this from years and have very big experience so the athletes will get the right decision,” Sanjivan noted in the interview.

Chaatwich, Cream Bliss and The Uncool Guy are on board for the event as sponsors while LockerRoom Network will be the media partner.

Xpeed will be the equipment partner for the event and will be providing fight kits to the winners and runner-ups.

This will be the fourth event from the promotion. The inaugural event happened in Navi Mumbai and the second event happened in Pune. The third event went down in December in Navi Mumbai.

Speaking in the interview with LockerRoom, Sanjivan Padwal also noted that there will be a bigger medical team this time around for the event.

“As this is a tournament we have to be extra careful in this considering all the injuries her injury parts and you know the physical damages. So yes this time the medical team will be almost double than regular events so normally we have every event. We will have doctor to nurses ambulance and a big team of a physiotherapist as well to take care of the uh soreness and the damages uh the joint pains,” Sanjivan noted.

Along with the tournament fights, there will be some single fights as well across Kickboxing, MMA and Grappling.

The registrations for the event are still open and is expected to close once the brackets are completed. The event will be streamed live on the LockerRoom India YouTube channel.


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