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VIDEO: Kay Hansen returns after two years, gets win at Invicta FC 55

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Calendar Icon29 June 2024

UFC alum Kay Hansen marked her return to the cage with a hard-fought victory at Invicta FC 55, winning via split decision against Sayury Canon. This fight, Hansen's first in over two years, showcased her personal and professional growth during her hiatus.

Hansen, whose record now stands at 8-6, last competed in the UFC in 2022. Her break from fighting wasn't without its challenges; she battled a hand injury that significantly impacted her training regimen. However, Hansen utilized this time to focus on her personal development and recovery, emphasizing the positive impact it had on her fighting skills.

Despite the limited opportunities to compete, Hansen maintained a rigorous training schedule, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to the sport. Her preparation and resilience paid off in the bout against Canon, where she demonstrated improved technique and tenacity.

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"I feel like I've developed significantly as both a person and a fighter since my last fight," Hansen shared in a post-fight interview. Her journey back to the cage has been marked by more than just physical challenges. Hansen has been open about her traumatic upbringing and has become a vocal advocate for individuals with similar experiences.


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