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VIDEO: Darren Till’s return to fighting ends in huge brawl

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Calendar Icon07 July 2024

Darren Till's combat sports career took another unexpected turn on Saturday during the Social Knockout 3 event at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai. Till faced influencer Mohammad Mutie in an exhibition match that ended in controversy.

The drama unfolded when Till, during an exchange in the clinch, landed a rabbit punch to the back of Mutie’s head. Although the punch appeared minor, Mutie reacted dramatically, falling to the canvas and requiring attention from the referee and doctor.

The match was subsequently called off. However, moments later, Mutie approached Till aggressively, igniting a brawl that saw multiple people enter the ring. Eventually, the situation was brought under control, and both fighters were separated. Till was then awarded the TKO victory.

"This is fighting – you get hit," Till stated in his post-match interview. "If you don’t want to continue fighting, don’t fight. He’s not a fighter. He’s trying to be a fighter. He’s a coward. Then when I’m minding my own business, he comes and attacks me. I’m so sorry. I am not that guy. I am a respectful guy. I love fighting. I love Dubai; I’ve been coming here since 2016. I’m standing here minding my own business, and he came over and attacked me with his team. I’ve got to defend myself, so I’m sorry about that, guys. I am."

Initially, Till was scheduled to make his boxing debut against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on July 20 in Texas. However, when the headliner for that card, featuring Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson, was postponed, his fight was canceled.

Opting to take up the Social Knockout 3 offer, Till admitted afterward that it was a less-than-serious endeavor, as evidenced by the chaotic conclusion.

"I took this fight on five days’ notice against this coward – he didn’t want to fight," Till said. "I just wanted to get in the ring and play about. There are people that really do want to fight. Jake Paul, Tommy Fury, Mike Perry. They’re all running, those scared cowards. They do not want to fight me. I promise you. I swear to God, I am not a four-round, two-minute fighter. I am an eight-round, three-minute fighter, and I will f*cking decapitate them."

The 31-year-old Till continues to navigate an unpredictable path in combat sports, leaving fans and observers wondering what his next move will be.


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