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They hate everyone: Valentina Shevchenko lashes out at MMA fans

LockerRoom Team
15 March 2024

The highly anticipated return of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) has stirred up excitement among MMA fans as season 32 commenced filming this week. This season promises a captivating showdown between Middleweights and Featherweights, with coaching duties entrusted to the women's Flyweight division's elite - reigning champion Alexa Grasso and former titleholder Valentina Shevchenko.

The spotlight, however, has shifted beyond the octagon to the discussion of female representation in coaching roles. Despite the significance of having accomplished female athletes guiding the contestants, the decision has faced criticism, reflecting lingering stereotypes and outdated perceptions.

In a recent media day appearance for TUF 32, Shevchenko addressed the negative reception towards female coaches, dismissing it as a product of outdated mindsets. She emphasized the need to embrace the evolving landscape of gender equality in sports, urging critics to shed archaic notions and adopt a more progressive outlook.

"I think they have this kind of cliche ... have this thing of it’s coming from way back before, from the very, very past and they cannot get rid of that. But we are in a new era," Shevchenko articulated, challenging the persistence of antiquated attitudes. "Now it’s now and now it’s different, but they are still bringing that from years ago."

Shevchenko's comments reflect a call for inclusivity and recognition of the advancements made in women's sports. She emphasized the importance of fostering positivity and mutual respect, urging detractors to channel their energy towards constructive engagement rather than fostering negativity.

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As the stage is set for an epic showdown between Shevchenko and Grasso in their third consecutive title clash, the discourse surrounding female representation in coaching serves as a reminder of the ongoing journey towards equality and inclusivity in MMA and beyond.


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