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Be the mother of our son: Fans react to the post from Shevchenko

LockerRoom Team
14 March 2024

Valentina Shevchenko, the renowned UFC flyweight champion, recently sparked a wave of reactions from fans with a post showcasing her facial expressions during a press conference leading up to The Ultimate Fighter 32. While the post itself didn't hint at motherhood, one fan's comment caught the attention of many, humorously suggesting Shevchenko to "be the mother of our son."

Shevchenko is set to take on a coaching role on The Ultimate Fighter 32, alongside fellow fighter Alexa Grasso. This announcement reignited interest in Shevchenko's career, especially considering her past encounters with Grasso inside the octagon, where Grasso emerged victorious twice, securing the flyweight title in the process.

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The fan's playful comment added a lighthearted touch to the discussion surrounding Shevchenko's upcoming coaching stint. While Shevchenko herself hasn't commented on the fan's suggestion, it provided a moment of amusement for her followers amidst the anticipation for The Ultimate Fighter 32.


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