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How did you do it in heels and jeans: Fans Amazed by video from Shevchenko

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Calendar Icon18 March 2024

In a recent promotional video for Monster Energy Drink, UFC star Valentina Shevchenko stunned fans by effortlessly showcasing her skills while donning jeans and heels. The video, which quickly garnered attention across social media platforms, left many admirers in awe of Shevchenko's ability to navigate her surroundings with grace and precision, even in unconventional attire.

As Shevchenko prepares to take on the role of coach for The Ultimate Fighter 32, opposite fellow UFC fighter Alexa Grasso, her latest display of versatility only adds to the anticipation surrounding her upcoming endeavors. Known for her dominance in the octagon, Shevchenko continues to captivate audiences both inside and outside the realm of mixed martial arts.

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