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WATCH: YouTuber MikeyT sneaks into UFC 284 and walks out with Volkanovski

LockerRoom Team
Calendar Icon26 February 2023

It is not every day that a YouTuber sneaks into the UFC event.

No matter how robust a system is, there are always ways to go around it. YouTuber Michael Todaro (also known as Mikey T), who is based in Perth, was allowed to sneak into UFC 284, which took place there last week. And as he demonstrated in his most recent vlog, anyone with the same ingenuity and contacts can accomplish it.

Even a local news outlet was interested in Todaro's small stunt. Here, he explained how he attended the event for free and even got to exit with Alexander Volkanoski, all while paying attendees had to fork over over 4,400AUD for front-row seats. You can see the video below.


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