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Jiu Jitsu Non-Profit Group Tap Cancer Out Surpasses $1 Million in Donations

LockerRoom Team
08 January 2023

The jiu-jitsu nonprofit group Tap Cancer Out, which is committed to battling cancer and aiding its survivors, may mark 2022 as a significant milestone after officially raising $1.3 million for cancer-fighting causes.

“The impact that the BJJ community can make in the fight against cancer never ceases to amaze me,” Jon Thomas, founder and executive director of Tap Cancer Out told Jiu-Jitsu Times.

The organization's record-breaking $1.3 million was donated to 14 organisations fighting cancer, including Pink Ribbon Girls, Camp Sunshine, the American Brain Tumor Association, Alex's Lemonade Stand, and Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology, to mention a few.

Additionally, TCO raised more than $209,000 this past year through its annual Global Grappling Day, a virtual event where fans from all around the world may conduct their own jiu-jitsu fundraisers from home. On December 17, TCO's 2022 Global Grappling Day attracted more than a hundred fundraising academies from various nations.

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“Global Grappling Day has quickly become one of our most impactful events of the year. Only did it raise more than $209,000 this year thanks to 492 fundraisers and 103 fundraising academies, but it continues to unite our BJJ community across the world. Fundraisers from six different countries took part, competitors and non-competitors alike, without the nerves and other obstacles of a competition setting. Just teammates and friends getting together to make a difference,” Thomas added.

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