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VIDEO: Dog decides to play peacemaker, interrupts BJJ tournament

LockerRoom Team
08 January 2023

In Valparaso earlier this week, thousands of people attended the biggest BJJ competition in Chile. The goal of the competition was to measure the contestants' strength, speed, and agility as they battled for first place.

However, it turns out that a cute peacekeeper actually gave the most unforgettable moment of all.

During one game, an unidentified dog appeared from the sidelines with the intention of stopping what he must have believed to be unbridled aggression being committed by spectators.

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Uncertain of the dog's origin, the spectators quickly expressed their appreciation for the touching interruption as he was led away by a referee.

Even the fighters who had been fighting when the pup had paused smiled. With that, the struggle for dominance and sheer power was replaced by something far sweeter: the unreserved love and care that only a good dog can offer.

You can watch the video below.


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