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Who is Tai Emery? Everything you need to know

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Calendar Icon22 June 2023

Tai Emery is an Australian Fighter and Football player.

Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, Emery possesses Maori roots and mixed heritage, with New Zealand connections. Initially, she pursued a career as a thermographer/electrician, but her passion for sports led her down a different path. At the age of 20, Emery delved into the world of modelling, setting the stage for her future endeavours.

Journey in Football

She has left an indelible mark on the Legends Football League (LFL). Over a span of four years and three seasons, Emery showcased her skills with notable teams like the Las Vegas Sins and LFL Queensland Brigade. While she is renowned for her glamourous persona as an MMA Fighter, there's much more to Emery than meets the eye. Her fitness regimen is a combination of intense boxing training, wrestling, sprints, yoga, dancing, and Thai boxing, reflecting her gritty dedication.

Emery's venture into football came about through a friend who invited her to a team training session, igniting an instant passion within her. Joining the LFL's Queensland Brigade in 2013, she quickly rose to the position of team captain. Emery's leadership skills were further recognized when she assumed the role of captain for the Las Vegas Sins as well. With the guidance of elite Australian coaches, she embraced innovative training sessions and new concepts, exhibiting unwavering focus and commitment throughout her tenure in the LFL.

Bare Knuckle Fighting and Tai Emery Flashing Celebration

Embracing a new challenge, Emery has now embarked on a journey in the world of MMA fighting. Her unwavering dedication, physical fitness, and determined mindset serve as testaments to her ability to conquer any endeavour she pursues.

Tai Emery made headlines when she flashed the fans after her win at BKFC Thailand. During her promotional debut at BKFC Thailand 3, Tai Emery showcased her skills by delivering a powerful combination that left her opponent, Rung-Arun Khunchai, stunned. While this moment alone could have been a highlight in itself, Emery decided to take it a step further and captured the attention of the internet. She fearlessly hopped on the ropes, lifted her top, and playfully flashed the crowd, creating an instant viral sensation. The incident sparked a massive influx of followers on platforms like Instagram.

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The comment sections overflowed with a wave of positivity, overwhelming any traces of negativity. Emery's bold act became a moment that resonated across the online community.

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