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What are the differences between Karate and Taekwondo? Find Out

LockerRoom Team
13 December 2022

Taekwondo and karate are both martial arts that originated in Asia and have gained worldwide popularity. While both styles share some common elements, there are also some key differences between the two. Some of the main differences between taekwondo and karate include:

  • Origins and history. Taekwondo originated in Korea, while karate originated in Okinawa, Japan. The two styles have different histories and cultural influences, which are reflected in their techniques and traditions.
  • Techniques and styles. Taekwondo is known for its powerful, high-kicking techniques and its focus on speed and agility. Karate, on the other hand, is characterized by its strong, linear punches and strikes, as well as its emphasis on stances and blocks.
  • Training and competition. Taekwondo and karate training and competition differ in several ways. In taekwondo, sparring is a central part of training and competition, with a heavy emphasis on full-contact kicking and punching. In karate, sparring is typically less intense and is focused more on controlled, semi-contact techniques.
  • Belts and ranking. Taekwondo and karate have different systems for ranking and belt progression. In Taekwondo, there are nine belt ranks, ranging from white to red-black. In karate, there are typically six or seven belt ranks, ranging from white to black.

Overall, while taekwondo and karate share some common elements, they are distinct martial arts styles with their own unique techniques and traditions. Both styles offer a variety of benefits, including improved fitness, self-defence skills, and mental focus.


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