Road to UFC 2: Sumit Kumar and Rana Rudra Pratap Singh to represent India

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10 April 2023

Indian MMA fighters Sumit Kumar and Rana Rudra Pratap Singh will represent India at Road to UFC 2.

The ROAD TO UFC returns with the first round of Season 2 on May 27 and 28, marking the first live competition staged at the UFC Performance Institute Shanghai!

The top MMA prospects from Asia will once again square off in four weight classes for a chance to win a prized UFC contract and join the world's best fighters. Anshul Jubli, an Indian fighter, was just the second athlete to be signed to the UFC when he won the lightweight competition in the first season. Sumit Kumar, who competes in the flyweight division, and Rana Rudra Pratap Singh, who competes in the bantamweight division, will both represent India in season 2.

Road to UFC 2 contestants and Fight Card Revealed

The ROAD TO UFC Season 2 contestants have been revealed by UFC, the leading Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organisation in the world. This is the biggest chance for Asia's top MMA prospects to compete on a global scale. The initial round will be held over two days, May 27 and 28, at the UFC Performance Institute in Shanghai, China (UFC PI).

The ROAD TO UFC Season 2 opening round will be the first live, broadcast event to occur inside the UFC PI Shanghai, the largest, most advanced MMA training and development facility in the world.

Top MMA prospects from Asia now have a direct route to a UFC deal thanks to the innovative "win and advance" ROAD TO UFC competition.

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There will be eight mixed martial artists competing in each of the four weight divisions for men: flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, and lightweight. There will also be four non-tournament fights to provide MMA talents in Asia more opportunities. The ROAD TO UFC Season 2 contestants and matches are listed below:

Road to UFC 2: Flyweight (>56.7kg)

  • Rei Tsuruya (Japan) vs Ronal Siahaan (Indonesia)
  • Mark Climaco (Philippines) vs Jung Hyun Lee (South Korea)
  • Ji Niushiyue (China) vs Billy Pasulatan (Indonesia)
  • Sumit Kumar (India) vs Seung Guk Choi (South Korea)

Road to UFC 2: Bantamweight (>61.2kg)

  • Xiao Long (China) vs Shohei Nose (Japan)
  • Shuya Kamikubo (Japan) vs Jieleyisi Baergeng (China)
  • Eperaim Ginting (Indonesia) vs Daermisi Zhawupasi (China)
  • Chang Ho Lee (South Korea) vs Rana Rudra Pratap Singh (India)

Road to UFC 2: Featherweight (>65.8kg)

  • Yi Zha (China) vs Abdul Azeem Badakhshi (Afghanistan)
  • Keisuke Sasu (Japan) vs Sang Won Kim (Korea)
  • Yibugele (China) vs Koya Kanda (Japan)
  • Li Kaiwen (China) vs Reza Arianto (Indonesia)

Road to UFC 2: Lightweight (>70.3kg)

  • Seong Chan Hong (South Korea) vs Rong Zhu (China)
  • Kazuma Maruyama (Japan) vs Sang Uk Kim (South Korea)
  • Windri Patilima (Indonesia) vs Shin Haraguchi (Japan)
  • Won Bin Ki (South Korea) vs Batebolati Bahatebole (China)

Non-tournament bouts

  • Flyweight: Top Noi Kiwram (Thailand) vs Nyamjargal Tumendemberel (Mongolia)
  • Flyweight: Sim Kai Xiong (Singapore) vs Peter Danasoe (Thailand)
  • Welterweight: Nueraji Taiyilake (China) vs Han Seul Kim (Korea)
  • Welterweight: Chris Hofmann (Philippines) vs Sang Hoon Yoo (Korea)

The first fight of ROAD TO UFC Season 2 will be live on UFC broadcast partners on May 27 and 28 in Asia primetime (GMT +8).

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