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Crosstrain Fight Club Founder Siddharth Singh To Introduce AJP Tour to India

LockerRoom Team
23 February 2024

In a significant development for the Indian grappling scene, Siddharth Singh, founder of Crosstrain Fight Club, ADCC India Promoter and a pivotal figure in Indian MMA, has announced the introduction of AJP Tour events in India. This initiative, in collaboration with AJP Pro (Abu Dhabi Jiu Jitsu Pro), marks a notable expansion of opportunities for gi and no-gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) competitions within the country.

Singh emphasized the importance of diversifying the grappling landscape in India, stating, "While ADCC is the number one no-gi grappling tournament, we are launching the biggest gi and no-gi property together in India." His decision to partner with AJP Pro stems from the observation that the gi BJJ scene in India required a boost, given the predominant focus on no-gi competitions.

"We signed up with AJP to revitalize the gi scene in India," Singh affirmed. "AJP is not just gi, it's gi and no-gi. It was quite important for me to have a good gi brand, an international brand in India." Singh's dedication to providing Indian athletes with exposure to both disciplines underscores his commitment to fostering a well-rounded grappling community.

Athletes participating in AJP Pro events will not only compete for medals but also accumulate points contributing to the World Championship rankings. Singh elaborated, "All the Indian athletes will be getting points for each medal, each win, and those points will count towards the World championship rankings." This aspect is poised to streamline the ranking process for Indian athletes, eliminating the need to travel abroad for ranking opportunities.

"We're just adding AJP to the circuit, which will make now the annual calendar for BJJ tournaments in India more active," Singh noted. With multiple AJP Tour events planned alongside the existing ADCC competitions, Singh envisions a more dynamic and inclusive grappling calendar nationwide. "Now we'll get AJP multiple times, ADCC multiple times in different parts of the country," he added.

Singh's initiative promises to not only elevate the profile of BJJ in India but also provide a platform for aspiring grapplers to hone their skills and compete at an international level. As preparations for the inaugural AJP Tour events gain momentum, Singh extends an open invitation to all grappling enthusiasts.

The introduction of AJP Tour in India heralds a new era of growth, opportunity, and excellence for the Indian grappling community, solidifying its position on the global stage of BJJ.


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