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Sean O Malley says he can stop Ryan Garcia in minutes

LockerRoom Team
28 February 2024

The world of combat sports is no stranger to cross-sport challenges, and the latest exchange between UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley and top boxing star Ryan Garcia has added fuel to the ongoing debate.

Garcia, known for his confident demeanor both inside and outside the ring, recently expressed his willingness to step into the MMA arena against O'Malley during an appearance on The MMA Hour. The boxing sensation didn't hold back, stating that he believed he could "destroy" O'Malley in an MMA bout.

In response, O'Malley, affectionately known as "Sugar," addressed Garcia's challenge with a mix of amusement and disbelief on his TimboSugarShow podcast. While acknowledging Garcia's prowess in boxing, O'Malley dismissed the notion of a crossover fight as unrealistic, questioning the logic behind Garcia's confidence in facing him in the octagon.

"Buddy. Brother. I would kill you within minutes," O'Malley quipped, highlighting the vast differences between boxing and MMA. He expressed amusement at Garcia's assertion and drew parallels to his own occasional call-outs of boxers, acknowledging the inherent complexity of transitioning between the two disciplines.

In the event of a hypothetical matchup, O'Malley emphasized his preference for showcasing his kickboxing skills rather than resorting to grappling, confident in his ability to outstrike Garcia within the parameters of MMA rules.

While O'Malley acknowledged Garcia's achievements in the boxing world, he maintained that the dynamics of MMA would present a different challenge altogether, suggesting that Garcia's boxing accolades might not necessarily translate to success in the octagon.

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As speculation swirls around the possibility of a showdown between O'Malley and Garcia, fans eagerly await further developments in this intriguing exchange between two elite fighters from different realms of combat sports.


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