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Sean O Malley criticizes Francis Ngannou for leaving UFC

LockerRoom Team
02 March 2024

Amidst Francis Ngannou's departure from the UFC in January, Sean O'Malley expressed his strong disapproval, labeling it a significant mistake.

Ngannou's exit from the UFC occurred following failed negotiations for a new contract. 'The Predator' sought permission from the MMA promotion to venture into boxing matches, among other terms, which the UFC declined to accommodate.

Opting to reject the offer on the table, Ngannou walked away despite the proposition that would have made him the highest-paid heavyweight in the organization's history. Though hindsight would ultimately validate Ngannou's decision, with his forthcoming boxing bout against Anthony Joshua slated to earn him a minimum of $20 million, not everyone supported his choices initially.

During episode 221 of the TimboSugarShow, O'Malley, known for his candid opinions, dubbed Ngannou the "scariest" fighter on the planet. He expressed his belief that the UFC was the optimal platform for showcasing Ngannou's skills. O'Malley emphasized, "The UFC...That's just where you wanna be, where you need to be...If you wanna get paid the most [and] get the most eyeballs, UFC...Francis is the scariest motherf*cker in the world, and he is not gonna fight in the UFC?"

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O'Malley's remarks underscore the sentiment shared by many within the MMA community regarding Ngannou's departure. Despite the lucrative opportunities in other arenas, Ngannou's absence from the UFC remains a point of contention, with fans and fellow fighters alike expressing disappointment at the missed potential for epic showdowns within the Octagon.


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