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Sean O Malley will smash Chito Vera says Umar Nurmagomedov

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Calendar Icon02 March 2024

In the high-stakes world of UFC, every fighter is under immense pressure to deliver standout performances. However, rising star Umar Nurmagomedov remains unfazed by the expectations thrust upon him. In a recent statement, Nurmagomedov emphasized that he does not feel compelled to chase highlight-reel finishes merely to garner attention.

The Russian fighter, known for his stoic demeanour inside and outside the Octagon, made it clear that he pays little heed to the opinions of others regarding his performances. "I don’t care about what they’re going to think," Nurmagomedov asserted. "I really don’t care. They have their life, I have my life, and I’m doing nothing so somebody will be nice with me and they will say, ‘This guy is very good.’ I don’t care."

Despite the potential lure of fame and acclaim, Nurmagomedov remains grounded in his priorities, emphasizing his commitment to his family and his chosen path. "I have a family I have to take care of. I have my way and I’ll be doing what I want," he stated emphatically.

While a spectacular victory could undoubtedly propel Nurmagomedov toward bigger fights and more illustrious opponents, he maintains his focus on the ultimate prize: the UFC bantamweight title. With the championship set to be contested at UFC 299, featuring reigning champion Sean O’Malley against Marlon “Chito” Vera in the main event, Nurmagomedov remains watchful.

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Although he acknowledges that he is not next in line for a title shot, Nurmagomedov predicts that O’Malley will emerge victorious against Vera, citing their previous encounter where O'Malley was hindered by injury. "I think Sean O’Malley is going to smash this guy," Nurmagomedov remarked confidently. "Their last fight, Chito won because O’Malley was injured. We don’t know what was going to happen in this fight if he’s not injured. Because until he was injured, O’Malley was smashing him."


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