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Sahil Rana Triumphs Despite Broken hand in MFN 14 Bout

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Calendar Icon13 March 2024

Sahil Rana emerged victorious at MFN 14 with a hard-fought unanimous decision win against Chris Tibenda, but the victory came at a cost as Rana revealed he had broken his arm within the first five seconds of the fight.

In a post-fight statement, Rana described the bittersweet feeling of his win, acknowledging the challenges he faced during the bout due to the injury. He expressed disappointment as his anticipated breakthrough moment turned into a setback, reflecting on the struggles he endured over the past two and a half years with fractures, surgeries, and recoveries.

Rana extended gratitude to his coach and mentor Bhabajeet Choudhury, as well as Bidang MMA and Fitness for their support and training. He thanked his training partners and coaches for pushing him beyond his limits and expressed appreciation to Ayesha Shroff, Krishna Shroff, and Dhruv Chaudhary for their contributions to Indian MMA.

Acknowledging the support of his friends from Dehradun during his weight cut and hospital visit, Rana expressed love and gratitude towards them. He also thanked Coach Mike for their post-fight conversation and expressed gratitude to his family and supporters who attended the fight and sent messages of encouragement.

Despite the challenges, Rana maintained a positive outlook, expressing gratitude for what he has and looking forward to the future. As he reflects on his victory and recovery, Rana remains optimistic about what lies ahead in his MMA journey.


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