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Ronda Rousey takes up surprising new role after WWE and UFC run

LockerRoom Team
03 May 2024

Ronda Rousey, the decorated former UFC champion and WWE superstar, is expanding her repertoire by venturing into screenwriting for an upcoming biopic about her life, slated for production at Netflix.

Fresh off the release of her second autobiography, "Our Fight," the 37-year-old retired athlete is now turning her attention to adapting her compelling life story into a screenplay. Originally, Rousey had secured film rights with Paramount, but changes in studio management led to the deal's expiration.

Now, thanks to the advocacy of Michelle Evans, a manager for original studio films at Netflix and a longtime fan of Rousey's UFC career, the biopic found a new home at the streaming giant. The project was first reported by Deadline, with Chernin Entertainment, known for producing hits like "Ford vs. Ferrari" and the upcoming "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes," set to produce.

Rousey was adamant about writing the screenplay herself, a role initially assigned to Mark Bomback. Assisted by agents at William Morris Endeavor (WME), the agency that also holds a majority stake in the UFC, Rousey embarked on a crash course in screenwriting. With guidance, she quickly mastered the intricacies of scriptwriting, impressing her agents with a completed screenplay in just seven days.

According to insiders, Rousey's agents cleverly presented her script to Netflix executives without revealing the author, ensuring the story's merit spoke for itself. Netflix, enamored with the material, swiftly sealed a deal upon learning of Rousey's authorship.

Although Rousey had initially intended to star in the biopic when she sold the rights to Paramount, she has since opted to focus solely on her behind-the-scenes roles as writer and producer. The project's team, including Rousey and fellow producers, will now begin the search for an actress to portray the athletic trailblazer on screen.

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As Rousey's Netflix biopic gains momentum, anticipation builds around the casting process and the forthcoming production, offering fans a glimpse into the remarkable journey of one of sports entertainment's most iconic figures.


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