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VIDEO: Shayna Baszler chokes out Ronda Rousey to win MMA Rules match at WWE

LockerRoom Team
06 August 2023

The MMA Rules match between Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey ended in a submission at WWE Summerslam today.  

Baszler and Rousey share a long-standing friendship, tracing back to their shared journey in MMA. The two not only trained together but also saw Rousey assume a coaching role for Baszler on The Ultimate Fighter.

Post her MMA endeavors, Baszler smoothly transitioned into the world of professional wrestling, stepping into WWE's domain in 2017. Shortly thereafter, Rousey also embraced the wrestling arena, and just as in their MMA trajectories, Rousey achieved rapid and notable success.

In the WWE narrative, simmering tensions eventually reached a boiling point. At SummerSlam in Detroit, Baszler and Rousey engaged in a showdown under MMA Rules, within the WWE ring, aiming to settle their divergences.

This time, the outcome leaned in Baszler's favor, as she emerged as the triumphant force.

Their encounter manifested as a lukewarm bout, echoing with displeasure from the audience, yet it cleverly intertwined echoes from Rousey's MMA legacy. Baszler adeptly evaded Rousey's signature armbar and executed a well-placed head kick that nearly toppled Rousey.

The climax arrived when Baszler cinched in a rear-naked choke, swiftly sending Rousey into slumber, concluding the contest through technical submission.

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It is widely anticipated that this match could mark Rousey's temporary departure from WWE action.

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