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Dong Hyun Ma Previews Road to UFC 2 Lightweight Semi Finals

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Calendar Icon14 August 2023

Road to UFC 2 is set to return with the Semi-Finals in Singapore.

In the upcoming matchups, the seasoned former UFC athlete and accomplished finisher Rongzhu (23-5, representing Sichuan, China) are slated to contend against the versatile fighter Sangwook Kim (9-2, hailing from Seoul, South Korea).

Simultaneously, the event will witness the confrontations between the dominant power wrestler Shin Haraguchi (6-0-1NC, fighting out of Kagoshima, Japan) and the dynamic pressure striker Bahatebole Batebolati (8-1-1, representing Beijing, China).

Ahead of the fight, UFC star Dong Hyun Ma gave his predictions for the event and here is what he had to say.

"I believe Road to UFC is a great opportunity for Asian fighters to prove themselves and impress UFC officials and Asian fans, rather than going straight into UFC. Fans can have a first look at how good Asian fighters will be able to perform in the UFC.

"Rongzhu's striking skills are amazing. I think his impact and timing are the best among the tournament participants. I think he is the number one favourite because he has excellent experience and a big record. Sangwook Kim's strengths are grappling and cage control, which improve every fight, and he has good physical strength, so he can make it a hard fight for Rongzhu. It would be better for him to aim for a surprise submission when his opponent is tired. I think Rongzhu will win by decision, but I support Sangwook Kim.

"Shin Haraguchi versus Bahatebole Batebolati is a wrestler versus striker fight. I think it's up to Batebolati to stop Haraguchi's tackle. Batebolati's striking is good, but I think Haraguchi will have good timing to try to tackle when Batebolati strikes. Haraguchi will win in round 2, TKO by ground and pound.

"In the finals, Haraguchi's physique is more suitable for a featherweight, so Rongzhu will beat him by KO in the third round. If Haraguchi does win, I think he'll win by decision."

What are your predictions? Let us know in the comments below.


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