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ROAD TO UFC Season 2 Semifinals: Everything you need to know

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Calendar Icon11 August 2023

The journey towards UFC stardom continues as the ROAD TO UFC Season 2 semifinals unfold. After an intense opening round at the UFC Performance Institute Shanghai on May 27 and 28, four standout winners from each of the men's weight classes have emerged.

These warriors are poised to battle in the semifinals, with their sights set on advancing to the finals and securing coveted UFC contracts.

Part 1: Featherweights and Flyweights Collide

The Featherweight semifinal ignites with the clash of iconic aggressive striker Li Kaiwen (11-5, fighting out of Hunan, China) against the entertaining all-rounder finisher Koya Kanda (12-4, fighting out of Chiba, Japan).

In the Flyweight division, 22-year-old dedicated finisher Jiniushiyue "Little King Kong" (12-2, fighting out of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China) faces off against the well-rounded wrestler Seung Guk Choi (7-2, Seoul, South Korea), a Road to UFC Season 1 finalist.

Another Featherweight showdown features seasoned, intelligent tactician Yizha (23-4, fighting out of Sichuan, China) against powerful and well-rounded Sang Won Kim (10-5-1, fighting out of Incheon, South Korea).

The action continues as decorated national wrestler 21-year-old Rei Tsuruya (7-0, fighting out of Chiba, Japan) meets well-rounded tactician Mark Climaco (9-1, fighting out of Fremont, CA, USA and representing the Philippines).

Rounding off Part 1 is a non-tournament flyweight bout between flashy finisher Peter "The Asian Viking" Danasoe (6-2, fighting out of Chang Mai, Thailand) and the undefeated standout Nyamjargal "Art of KO" Tumendemberel (7-0, fighting out of Bayanbulag, Bayankhongor Province, Mongolia).

Part 2: Lightweight and Bantamweight Showdowns

The Lightweight semifinal sets the stage for power wrestler Shin Haraguchi (6-0-1NC, fighting out of Kagoshima, Japan) to face off against pressure striker Bahatebole Batebolati (8-1-1, fighting out of Beijing, China).

In the Bantamweight division, submission specialist Daermisi Zhawupasi (7-0, fighting out of Shanghai, China) takes on the well-rounded grinder Chang Ho Lee (8-1, fighting out of Goyang, South Korea).

Former UFC athlete and finisher Rongzhu (23-5, fighting out of Sichuan, China) returns to the spotlight in the Lightweight semifinal, locking horns with well-rounded Sangwook Kim (9-2, fighting out of Seoul, South Korea).

The Bantamweight semifinal introduces the experienced aggressive striker Xiao Long (25-7, fighting out of Hunan, China), who faces off against relentless grappler Shuya Kamikubo (13-1-1, fighting out of Tokyo, Japan).

Part 2 concludes with a non-tournament lightweight bout featuring the well-rounded Jae Hyun Park (6-1, fighting out of Seoul, South Korea) against proven finisher Quillan Salkilld (4-1, fighting out of Perth, Australia).

As the ROAD TO UFC Season 2 semifinals commence, the Octagon awaits the emergence of the next generation of UFC prospects, ready to showcase their


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