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BRAVE CF Featherweight Champion Nemat Abdrashitov Elevates Kyrgyz MMA

LockerRoom Team
08 July 2023

Nemat Abdrashitov has emerged as the new hero of Kyrgyz MMA following his remarkable victory at BRAVE CF 72, where he captured the Featherweight world title. The nation's capital, Bishkek, welcomed him back with open arms, as fans, friends, and family gathered to celebrate this monumental achievement.

With a triumphant win over Roman Bogatov, Nemat Abdrashitov has not only secured his place as one of the top 145-pound fighters globally but also elevated Kyrgyzstan's presence in the world of mixed martial arts. Together with his teammate Abdisalam Uulu Kubanychbek, who holds the Lightweight gold in BRAVE CF, Kyrgyzstan now boasts two world champions, solidifying its standing on the global MMA map.

BRAVE CF stands as the pioneering global organization that brought MMA to Kyrgyzstan, with BRAVE CF 32 in 2019, held in association with WEF. The event served as a platform for discovering talents like Kubanychbek, leading to the subsequent rise of fighters such as Nemat Abdrashitov, who continue to shine a spotlight on Kyrgyz MMA on the international stage.

As the momentum grows and the anticipation for BRAVE CF's return to Kyrgyzstan intensifies, Nemat Abdrashitov's championship triumph further cements the country's reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the world of mixed martial arts.


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