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3 MMAFI National MMA Champions that you should know about

LockerRoom Team
05 December 2022

MMA Federation of India (MMAFI) returns with their National MMA Championship on December 15, 2022, in Mumbai.

The National MMA Championship will happen as part of the Combat Sports Festival hosted by the federation. The festival will see disciplines like Karate, Kickboxing, Grappling and Boxing on display but the focus will be on MMA which will run across four days.

This time around, the MMAFI Nationals will witness the return of three national champions as they will be looking to keep their national title intact when they step into the cage. Here is a look at those three champions.

Maulika Sharma

A Strength and conditioning coach and an MMA fighter, Maulika Sharma is the reigning strawweight champion in Stand-Up MMA. At the 2021 National MMA championship, Maulika secured a win over Yukta Moolya to capture the title and will be eager to replicate the same when she fights this time around.

While Maulika’s outing was limited to one fight in 2021, this time around, the bracket is bigger and the competition is expected to be harder for the champion.

Dhruv Shirodkar

Dhruv Shirodkar has been on an impressive run in the amateur MMA circuit and is 3-0 on the MMAFI platform now. He produced some impressive performances at the last MMA nationals and was the Strawweight champion in 2021.

Just like Maulika, Dhruv has a chip on his shoulder to defend the title and he will be looking to do just the same when he fights at the MMAFI Nationals in 2022.

Adnan Khan

Undefeated in MMAFI with a record of 4-0 to his name, Adnan is the reigning Super Light Weight champion. He took up MMA recently only but has risen the ranks quickly with his victories. Adnan has also produced some highlight reel stoppages at the MMAFI nationals which makes him an exciting watch in 2022 as well.

Do you think the champions will be able to retain their titles at MMAFI nationals in 2022? Let us know in the comments below.


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