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MMA Fighter arrested for assault on woman

LockerRoom Team
08 January 2023

After committing two alleged assaults against the mother of his son, a mixed martial artist escaped to Las Vegas, Nevada, and is now in police custody.

According to the papers, Cain Castillo, 36, was arrested on January 1 and lodged in the Washington County Jail on felony charges of aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury and aggravated child abuse - intentionally or knowingly.

Police searched for Shayliann Lastowskl, 30, after responding to a family fight early on Sunday morning near 2100 W 1600 N. She and Castillo were drinking at her parents' house, according to her parents, when a fight broke out between the two suspects.

Inside one of the bedrooms, where their one-year-old son was present, the two suspects started arguing verbally. The parents called the police after hearing the argument turn physical.

The mother of Lastowskl reportedly told authorities she could "particularly hear the sound of a fist hitting flesh at least once" in the affidavits. Shayliann was sleeping on her back in the bedroom doorway when the mother entered the hallway. Castillo repeatedly punched Lastowskl, according to what she told her parents.

The mother of Lastowskl saw that her son's face was starting to swell.

The parents tried to separate and calm down the two suspects, but Lastowskl threw things off a living room shelf and dragged a bookshelf containing expensive sports memorabilia.

Affidavits state that Lastowskl fled the area on foot when her father phoned the police. Lastowskl went back to her parents' house and was detained while police looked into the incident. Castillo was taken into arrest as well.

For the March incident, Castillo is also charged with robbery and aggravated assault causing serious bodily harm, both felonies.

For the incident in January, Lastowski is accused with criminal mischief, willful property damage, and domestic abuse in the presence of a kid.


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