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Bahrain Elevates MMA at BRAVE Pan-Am Combat Week

LockerRoom Team
08 August 2023

Once more, the Kingdom of Bahrain's distinction as a sports trailblazer is poised to resound as the curtain rises on the forthcoming BRAVE Pan-American Combat Week in Bogota, Colombia. In this upcoming endeavor, Colombia assumes the role of host to a myriad of amateur athletes hailing from North, Central, and South America.

This collective assembly, fueled by the ambition to claim honors and fortify their standings, converges at the IMMAF Pan-American Championships. As the week-long spectacle unfolds, it culminates in an unparalleled showcase - the high-profile professional BRAVE CF 73 fight card. This monumental event stands as a milestone, emerging as the most expansive mixed martial arts extravaganza in Colombian history.

Given the grandeur of this remarkable combat celebration, the Bahrain MMA Federation reaffirms its unwavering support for the BRAVE Pan-American Combat Week. This collaborative initiative, orchestrated in tandem with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation, BRAVE CF, the Colombian Association of Mixed Martial Arts (OCAMM), and the Latin Fighter Championship, reiterates the Kingdom's profound influence.

The BMMAF has garnered an esteemed standing, solidifying a pivotal role within the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation - the paramount governing body of global mixed martial arts. Earlier this year, the Bahrain Mixed Martial Arts Federation, operating under the direct tutelage of IMMAF, was entrusted with the pivotal responsibility of orchestrating the BRAVE Serbia International Combat Week. This remarkable undertaking unfolded in Belgrade, Serbia, hosting over 550 international amateur athletes representing 60+ nations for the annual World Championships. The crescendo of this spectacular affair culminated with BRAVE CF 69, signifying the climax of Europe's largest combat sports event. The resounding triumph of the BRAVE Serbia International Combat Week reverberated profoundly, leaving an indelible impact on the Serbian landscape. So compelling was its influence that the Serbian Minister of Sports officially endorsed mixed martial arts as a sport and announced the integration of MMA into Serbia's sports development initiative.

As IMMAF once again leverages Bahrain MMA's consummate expertise for this groundbreaking undertaking on South American soil, the Kingdom of Bahrain's ascendancy as the quintessential benchmark for international MMA events stands irrefutable.

Beyond its luminance in the realm of mixed martial arts, Bahrain radiates brilliance across an array of sporting disciplines.

Evidencing this prowess, the Bahrain International Circuit received a call to action, contributing to Formula One's historic debut event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 2021. This multifaceted influence underscores Bahrain's role as not only a beacon in MMA but also a pivotal force propelling various sporting endeavors.


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