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Poland Wrestling vs. Dagestan Wrestling: Mateusz Gamrot calls out Islam

LockerRoom Team
10 March 2024

Miami, Florida is ablaze with the heat of UFC 299, and amidst the fervor, Rafael Dos Anjos finds himself at the center of the action, facing off against Mateusz Gamrot in a bid to shake up the UFC rankings.

Gamrot, riding a two-fight winning streak, clashed with Dos Anjos, who sought redemption after a recent loss. The match, billed as a battle between old-gen and new-gen fighters, delivered on its promise of high-octane action.

In the opening round, Dos Anjos seized control, asserting his dominance over Gamrot with a series of punishing strikes and clinches. However, Gamrot refused to relent, showcasing his resilience and adaptability as he turned the tide in his favor with strategic wrestling maneuvers.

As the fight progressed, Gamrot's tenacity paid off, culminating in a decisive victory over Dos Anjos. Following his win, Gamrot wasted no time in issuing a callout to lightweight champion Islam Makhachev, igniting speculation of a future showdown between the two talented wrestlers.

"Dagestani wrestling vs. Poland wrestling," declared Gamrot during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, setting the stage for a potential clash of styles and skills.

Gamrot's impressive performance was not without its backstory. Having trained alongside Dustin Poirier in preparation for UFC 299, Gamrot credits his camp experience with the former interim lightweight champion for his newfound confidence and success in the octagon.

"We sparred together for five weeks. We did almost like, 15 rounds together. Every training session with Dustin was a big lesson for me," Gamrot revealed in an interview. "I am happy that I trained with him. Like I say, my confidence is up right now."

Indeed, the synergy between Gamrot and Poirier proved to be a winning formula, with both fighters securing victories at UFC 299. While Gamrot emerged triumphant against Dos Anjos with a unanimous decision, Poirier delivered a stunning knockout blow to Benoit Sant-Denis.

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As the dust settles on UFC 299, all eyes are on Gamrot as he sets his sights on Makhachev, fueled by his recent victory and the invaluable lessons learned from his training camp alongside Poirier.


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