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Manon Fiorot calls for title shot after win against Erin Blanchfield

LockerRoom Team
01 April 2024

In a dominant display of skill and strategy, Manon Fiorot secured a resounding victory over Erin Blanchfield in the main event of UFC Atlantic City, showcasing her prowess in the flyweight division.

Despite not securing a knockdown, Fiorot delivered a masterclass performance, utilizing precision striking and impeccable timing to outclass Blanchfield throughout the five-round bout. Demonstrating a calculated counter-striking approach, Fiorot frustrated Blanchfield with a relentless barrage of strikes, effectively neutralizing any threat posed by her opponent.

With all three judges scoring the fight 50-45 in favor of Fiorot, she extended her UFC winning streak to an impressive seven consecutive victories. Following her dominant performance, Fiorot wasted no time in declaring her intention to vie for the UFC championship.

"I fought everyone in the category. I want the title, that’s it," Fiorot asserted, expressing her readiness for the ultimate challenge. Reflecting on her performance, she remained confident and undeterred, emphasizing her satisfaction with the outcome.

Although the fight began with a brief scare when Fiorot found herself ensnared in a guillotine choke, she quickly rallied, showcasing her resilience and determination to regain control of the match. Utilizing her superior speed and striking ability, Fiorot consistently punished Blanchfield, thwarting her opponent's attempts at offense.

Despite Blanchfield's increased aggression in the later rounds, Fiorot remained composed, effortlessly evading her opponent's attacks while continuing to impose her own dominance. With her flawless UFC record intact, Fiorot's victory over Blanchfield positions her as a formidable contender in the flyweight division.

However, Fiorot's aspirations for a title shot may face delays, as reigning champion Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko are currently occupied with coaching duties on The Ultimate Fighter. With a highly anticipated trilogy fight between the two champions on the horizon, Fiorot may be forced to wait until the conclusion of their bout to vie for the title.

As Fiorot contemplates her next move, whether to wait for a title shot or risk her position with another fight in 2024, her unwavering determination and undeniable talent solidify her status as a force to be reckoned with in the UFC flyweight division.


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