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Mackenzie Dern reveals shocking incident after pregnancy announcement on Insta

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Calendar Icon02 March 2024

In a revealing narrative, a prominent UFC fighter shares insights into her unconventional upbringing and the trials she faced on her path to the octagon.

Recalling her childhood, she reminisces about spending her early years in her father's Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy, where she absorbed the nuances of martial arts from a young age. By 6, she had already stepped into her first jiu-jitsu tournament, laying the foundation for her remarkable journey ahead.

By the age of 21, she had secured five world championships in jiu-jitsu. However, it was the groundbreaking success of Ronda Rousey in the UFC that inspired her transition to mixed martial arts. With a solid grounding in jiu-jitsu, she delved into mastering striking, finding her passion in the cage.

Her UFC career initially saw success with two victories before an unexpected turn—a pregnancy. Despite the surprise, she embraced the blessing wholeheartedly. However, the announcement of her pregnancy brought an unforeseen challenge—losing a substantial number of followers on social media.

Reflecting on this setback, she remarks, "When I announced it in February 2019, I lost 50,000 followers on Instagram instantly." The experience highlighted the superficial nature of some followers who merely viewed her as a "hot girl that fights." Yet, she saw this as a pivotal moment, separating genuine fans from superficial ones.

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While the pregnancy announcement led to a sudden drop in followers, she gained a newfound appreciation for authenticity and genuine support. Today, she stands proud with a loyal fanbase who embraces her journey in its entirety. Gaining back the lost followers and then some, she continues to inspire with her resilience and determination both inside and outside the octagon.


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