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Mackenzie Dern wants to go back to her Khabib Style Fighting

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Calendar Icon19 February 2024

In the aftermath of her recent defeat against Amanda Lemos at UFC 298, Mackenzie Dern's pre-fight interview has gained renewed attention, shedding light on her mindset leading up to the bout.

Prior to stepping into the octagon against Lemos, Dern shared her insights on the upcoming clash, highlighting the significance of the matchup and her determination to avoid a losing streak. Drawing inspiration from the formidable Khabib Nurmagomedov, Dern spoke of her intention to apply relentless pressure on her opponents, reminiscent of the legendary grappler's style.

In the interview, Dern expressed her awareness of the challenges posed by Lemos and her strategy to counter them. "The best part is that Jéssica and Amanda, they're both kind of hard hitters. They have similar knockout power and they're both dangerous," Dern remarked, underscoring her need to correct past mistakes and capitalize on her strengths.

Despite her tactical approach leading up to the fight, Dern acknowledged the importance of staying true to her aggressive fighting style. Reflecting on her performance, she admitted to initially attempting a more strategic approach but ultimately realized the value of embracing her natural instincts.

“It was good for me to lean, but I know that my style is just pressuring; pressure, pressure, pressure. Be more like a Khabib style, going forward and making sure I keep them always aware of the takedown. I was trying to be a better, more evolved fighter... I realized I need to be who I am, and that's pressuring. That gets them way more nervous and gets the girls on the defense.," Dern explained, recognizing the need to assert her dominance in the cage.

While her aspirations for victory ultimately fell short at UFC 298, Dern's candid remarks offer insight into her mindset and preparation leading up to the bout. Despite the setback, she remains determined to learn from the experience and emerge stronger in her future endeavors within the UFC.


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